iSee v.2

i See v.2 by Alexandra Valy (2010)

“The piece ‘i See’ is a comment on the inherent uncertainty of life. We go through our daily lives being recorded; data about us is being compiled and analysed, used and fed back to us in a different form. Information is no oracle and the knowledge of what we will become is always out of grasp.  As we manoeuvre through the sea of information that is thrust upon us we find ourselves still grappling with (or avoiding) fundamental human questions.” Alexandra Valy 2010

i See by Alexandra Valy

i See v.2 consists of 41 domed CCTV cameras on the ceiling plus 41 crystal balls arranged on the floor, reflecting and distorting the image of the cameras above them. It can be seen at Panopticon: Surveillance Explored from 22 April until 21 May at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning.


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